Catania, meets Antonio Catania, Ciak si Gira- Le Ciminiere

Catania, meets Antonio Catania, Ciak si Gira- Le Ciminiere

CATANIA –   December 2022, at “Le Ciminiere” in Catania, the actor Antonio Catania and the actress Rosaria Russo, presented the “Ciak si Gira” Film Academy to the schools in the Catania area and beyond, to name a few: the “Caio Duilio” Higher Institute and the C.I.R.S. of Messina.

At the same time, we had the pleasure of meeting the actor Antonio Catania, a lover of his Sicilian land whose flavours, smells, noises and colors he brought to great Milan where, still young while studying medicine, he discovered and attended the Paolo Grassi.

He tells us that the beginning of his entire artistic career was the theater, even if the real fertile ground from which his passion for acting starts is Acireale, where during his childhood he feeds on the Puppet Theater of Cavaliere Magrì , poems by Gassman, Dante and much more.


He starts working very early in the theater and then in the cinema.

The theatrical experience helps him to understand himself better, to overcome his shyness and to understand others by experiencing their emotions.

In reality, he tells us, he would have liked to be a priest or a psychiatrist.

But, after high school, he decides to study medicine while attending the theater. Even if the two paths seem different, according to Antonio Catania they are not at all, since the Psychodrama path would have accompanied both of his passions, so he enters the acting school with the intention of continuing both studies. Along the way, acting takes over as it makes him feel good, he feels it is something fantastic, it makes him feel gratified until he understands what true passion is. He lives his inner dimension as an actor, seeking to understand the characters and who they are, try to enter their lives by “acting”, hence, he explains, the English terms “acting” which means “acting” and “play”, i.e. playing with the characters.


Speaking of “Ciak si Gira”, he tells us that as a young man he started looking for tools that Sicily did not offer at the time, hence the need to create something for young Sicilians without the need to move, as his wife, the actress Rosaria Russo, in a previous interview.


“Ciak si gira” is a film academy based in the Ciminiere of the City of Catania. Within the academy, the fundamental principle of the actor is: “you learn by doing … Doing, doing, doing … and preparing to make a good impression in the world of work”.

Next, let’s talk about the Christmas movie that has already entered our homes through Amazon Original, but also available on Prime Video

and Sky Q.

“Suddenly Christmas” ( Improvvisamente Natale ) is a funny Christmas comedy set on August 15th…”a sort of fairy tale” says Antonio Catania, fairy tales are always told… A story of feelings that always fix everything.

It was really pleasant to listen to the actor Antonio Catania inside a classroom of the Ciminiere, we appreciated his calm and his calmness. As an artist, we believe he has brought within himself all the best aspects that his characters have given him.

We thank him for his availability and wish him good luck in his future projects.




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