Princess Katana

Princess Katana

Dear friends, I am about to publish on this page a short story in installments that I would like to share with you. I would like to receive your feedback, your opinions on the characters, your reflections.

I would like to know if you see yourself in each of them, if you can imagine what the next steps in the story are. In short, I would like to live this literary adventure with you !! Within the frame of a story, we can detach ourselves from everyday life and immerse ourselves in a fairy tale for a few minutes.  The first chapter will be released in the first week of July 2022.     The character of the story is Princess Katana, born from my personal need to get out a bit of my imagination. Sometimes, Princess Katana would re-enter their games, along with Princess Cinderella and Snow White.

If Princess Katana is inserted in a historical context far from ours, the themes are current and also highlight to a younger audience: sympathy for a boy, a wrong marriage, another hidden marriage.

The useful educational and social message is that of a girl from a good family and with a kind soul, who manages to react strongly and decisively in the face of a difficult situation and love disappointments. She does not give up and does not grieve, finding in her strength of mind and her reason for being, in the values ​​that her family has passed on to her and in the love for her children.

The ending to be discovered.

I wait for you!!

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