Augusta, Jimmy Sax at the Flamingo “Getting lost in front of reality”

Augusta, Jimmy Sax at the Flamingo “Getting lost in front of reality”

AUGUSTA – Entering the Augusta Flamingo means entering a place where the lightheartedness and the rhythm of the music cancel everything that makes you sad, and even if you feel alone in the midst of so many people, the play of lights, the words of the engaging songs and music, transports you to a pleasant dimension until you feel immersed in another positively engaging reality.

On the evening of June 18, 2022, something magical happened, an international guest started the beautiful summer season at the “Flamingo“.

This is the great Jimmy Sax who with his sax unleashed a healthy adrenaline, creating a party of notes and music mixed with the play of lights, such as to create a magnificent show, characterized by that something of a tropical taste mixed with a current flavor, which appeals to the youngest and the not so young.

Despite a technical problem that occurred during the performance, the flavor of the notes of Jimmy’s magical sax remained in the hearts of the guests of the Flamingo and in the fresh air of a Sicilian summer night.



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