“  Princess Katana”

“ Princess Katana”

Dear friends, here we are at the third but not the last part of “The Princess Katana”. I am ready to receive your suggestions regarding the events described and, why not, those that will characterize the subsequent evolution of the story. In your opinion … what will happen now?

3- Another truth

… It looked like a dream: a soft cream-colored chiffon dress wrapped her delightful little body. The delicately low-cut décolleté, to highlight the delicate neck, the long sleeves ended wide and soft, almost like wings, made her look like a butterfly. The bust of the dress was embellished with small crystals that illuminated her face; around the waist a belt of the same fabric as the dress was long and wide, in movement it followed exactly the flutter of the sleeves.

The length of the dress, unquestionably up to almost touching the floor, even if sometimes you could see the beautiful cream-colored silk satin shoes. On the décolleté of the shoe, a very delicate satin bow.

The hair was gathered loosely at the neck. On the head rested, free and light, a long veil of cream chiffon that also covered the face. Even the veil flew …

Two small pearls decorated her lobes.

The sober and delicate make-up: a black line ran along her large, long-lashed lids, and a delicate pink gloss on her lips. What can I say … it left you breathless.

The guests were enchanted, and Gustav once again did not believe her eyes, he approached her and gave her a silk butterfly. The King and Queen were moved to see their beautiful daughter, and hoped that the man would make her happy.

They spent three peaceful years at the castle, the princess had two sons Agostino and Federico.

So Katana felt she was happy.

The children grew up well, loved by their mother; Dad was often out because of his work, and he didn’t actually see them grow up.


One day, returning from a long journey, Gustav brought with him a beautiful 10-year-old girl: it was his daughter.

He had never talked about it with Katana.

In fact, he already had a family, which he visited during his absences from the castle.

Katana, faced with evidence of this nature, understood that Gustav wanted to inform her of the truth, and at the same time she knew that Katana’s reaction would be: “Goodbye! ”

Katana understood that he had never loved her; Gustav had wanted to meet her only to take advantage of the Castle’s riches.

For a while, Katana was sad, but realizing that Gustav did not deserve to be loved yet, the princess was able to find inner serenity thanks to wealth and nobility

of spirit that he carried within himself, as a good inheritance passed on by his parents. She found her main source of love, in her two wonderful children who adored her forever …

But … great surprise …

Gustav returned to Katana, but not to be told “Goodbye”, but to reveal another truth to her …

Initially, it was not easy for him to tell Katana that he was not wealthy, but a poor man with borrowed clothes, that he had fallen in love with a princess.

A few days before his arrival, he met Selene to whom he had told all his true story. At that point Selene, decided to go and see Katana, and arrived at the moment when Gustav was about to take a few steps back … to go away, but Selene said: “Wait Gustav, it’s not fair … it can’t end like this!”

“What do you mean?” Katana said.

“It means that I have never been the man you thought I was, I have never been a famous merchant of thirst, I have never been wealthy, I have never had my own castle and I have never

I wore fine clothes that were mine … it was all fake. A family with a heart of gold wanted to help me, and today I am here to tell you that … I am poor. Before meeting you I had a wife, who is no longer here, the child you see is our creature, left without a mother. Today I am here to tell you that … if what has taken place between us goes beyond social classes, palaces and silk velvets, it means that it was true love, and true love, lived as understood between two souls that nourish each other, it should not be wasted … it must be grasped … ”

Lowering her eyes, she turned away and resumed her way back.

Those were the longest seconds Katana had ever lived, she was madly in love with her Gustav and

the only thing he could say at that moment was … “I love youuuu!”

Gustav froze … he hesitated a moment before turning, as if he wasn’t believing his ears, he turned and … smiling, he started running towards Katana and Katana towards him. The incredulous children hugged each other happily … and … the child?

She was left alone down the street, watching that scene, so moving but sad for her.

Nooo … not at all! The noble soul of Katana decided to welcome sweet Georgette into her family, he would raise and love her, as if she were his daughter, she would become the princess, and so she was … loved by everyone.

So, a great gala of welcome back to Gustav and welcome to Georgette was organized at the palace, and it was thus that rich families and poor families of the village participated.

Everyone recognized each other as friends, there was an air of friendship and joy, and above all Gustav understood that, “… it is important to believe in dreams, because if you believe in them fully, one day you will see them transformed into a beautiful reality, only if you look for them. a sign of truth and transparency “.

The day after the ball, the Queen sitting in front of the window began to think many things …  ( to be continued…)


The idea of ​​the happy ending, (with reunification of lovers and welcome celebration between rich and poor) was suggested by the group of children of the Parish of Santa Maria di Pedara (CT), with whom we met to remember and dedicate the afternoon of 30 July 2020 to my little sister Maricò, as that day would have been her fiftieth birthday.

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