” Till death do Us part” by Claudio Bruni al Teatro Comunale “Turi Ferro” di Carlentini-

” Till death do Us part” by Claudio Bruni al Teatro Comunale “Turi Ferro” di Carlentini-

CARLENTINI –    The 2022 theatrical season of Carlentini’s “Turi Ferro” closes with the sympathy and skill of two great artists: PinoInsegno and Alessia Navarro.

We saw them together in the interpretation of a modern married couple in the show “Until death do us part”, directed by Claudio Bruni.

The sets were curated by TizianaLiberotti, the costumes by RosaliaGuzzo and the lighting design by Marco Laudando.

The scenes, lights and costumes highlighted in an elegant and detailed way, every moment and every significant confrontation between the two actors. They granted the space and the appropriate light to each of their movements and gestures drawn on the scene.

Director Claudio Bruni beautifully told a story of common love, without neglecting any detail, expertly putting all the steps together as in a big puzzle. Everything takes place using funny and spicy dialogues, involving the image of other invisible characters, but made real to the viewer’s imagination.

The story that has unfolded and evolved on the stage, begins as an ordinary love story, it is simple … made of falling in love, marriage, promises, doubts, shortcomings, grudges … up to divorce and maybe, then who knows … meet again.

But… in this whole journey, nothing is taken for granted, nothing is certain and nothing is forever.

All the “ifs”, all the promises and the beautiful words have that charm and that mystery that characterize them the moment they are born, and dematerialize when “that all” forever … is converted into “a nothing” for always.

It’s incredible … two people love each other immediately, they catapult themselves into the clouding vortex of love that sees nothing, in the heartbeat that gallops only when saying the name of the other, those eyes that shine at a single glance, that heartbeat to the stomach that stirs the famous butterflies, that longing that does not leave you, that desire to run towards each other and sink into an endless embrace … which leads to an explosion of oxytocin … which only makes you feel good … because you are loving … and you understand that loving is only magic, that love is only the nourishment of life, that love is truemeaning of man … that Love is the true engine of the “Everything” … and in the end … finding oneself in nothingness …

How is it possible? What happens? What erases all the beauty?

The answer is provided by the director himself, who points the finger at routine and monotony, highlighting the difference between the concept of a man’s life as a husband, and the concept of a wife’s life as a woman.

With this difference, it sheds light on the fact that many situations should not be taken for granted, that nothing should yield to monotony and repetitiveness, we must not forget that pinch of madness that made the encounters of the falling in love phase interesting, we must not forget  that love, like everything, must be nurtured … you have to reinvent yourself, you have to be there, you have to look into each other’s eyes when you speak, letting go of the tv pilot or the mobile phone.

The director makes us reflect a lot on the common problems of couples, of spouses who live under the same roof, and invites the viewer to reflect on the fact that … one of the fundamental “foods” of couples and love is Communication … that is, you have to tell each other, you have to talk to listen to each other and not to attack each other.We must be interested in what we will hear from the other, we must be humble to immerse ourselves in the role of those who are trying to use the right words to make themselves understood, to explain themselves and understand each other in a civilized way, without having the presumption of always being right, a curtain and not having the courage to listen, simply.

Fortunately, all this is rendered by an ironic language, which creates rhythm to the story, which laughs at love and which makes us laugh at ourselves, because very often the viewer finds himself in the actor … and as happens in this beautiful story of love … we hope that we can fall in love again, because Love is the only engine.

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