“Stories of a Poem”

“Stories of a Poem”

It is a collection of reflections, which testify to some states of mind described in an extemporaneous way. Nothing is built.

The source of inspiration is seen in telling any object or landscape, which have known a story in the author’s life or have created an input to her imagination.

The idea of ​​associating a photo with reflections comes from the love for photography and for all that is “Carpe Diem”.

Only a few times the author is carried away by the Wordsworthian attitude, to collect ideas in a second moment of tranquility (… ”recollect in a second moment of tranquility…”).

This collection represents a liberating moment, the search for a balance between what makes us feel good and what makes us feel bad.

Writing is finding oneself, through reflection and inner reading, an introspection that becomes an intimate message for the reader.

Unfortunately, today, modern man does not know how to dwell on the central point to improve: himself.

In modern reality, no matter how hard we try to get close to ourselves, we won’t have a chance to do it, all the way, until we understand its true meaning and true benefit.

Some interesting steps to take, to get closer in that direction, are precisely those of the path of introspection and inner reading, easily reachable through poetry.

Each subject has within him a hidden corner never explored, whose door has never been opened. You just have to have the courage to open it and let everything inside come out.

All of this is possible, but it is necessary to recognize one’s limitations, needs and desires, without suffocating them.

We need to start from these and use them as a starting point to reach a little more awareness, which can be useful for improving one’s life and that of the people who love us.

No one would be an expert on words, feelings and poetry, but the reader would be the reader of their own emotions.

Reading and telling our emotions is already a positive achievement for a better attitude towards ourselves and a better approach towards life. The ability to share our emotions is one of the great advantages of living in a group.

What happens inside us is extraordinary… and this depends on what happens outside and how it is processed inside.

Umberto Galimberti says: “The first condition to become yourself is to know yourself, to know your potential, your virtues… if you can make what you were born for flourish… then in this way you can achieve happiness. Happiness depends on full self-acceptance. ”

And he continues with a question that reinforces the concept of poetry as the ability to read oneself: “Are we still able to let ourselves go and explore the world of emotions and feelings within” our madness “?”

From here, the starting point for the realization of interesting and creative frontal lessons.

In this regard, within the volume, we will also find some poems in English and Spanish, deliberately left without text in front, to prevent the musicality and rhythm of both languages ​​from losing their originality. For the latter two reasons, the text is intended not only for adults, but also for students and young people in general, who are looking for a pleasant approach to reading, poetry, photography, creativity and emotions.

(credit: It should be noted that all the photos are by the author, except: the photo ( 60s) of the parents and the girl (taken by a family friend) and the photo of the woman dancer, taken by Marco Malerba)

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