“Dreaming and making plans helps to live better”,   Replay” PoohBand: “Dreams Come True”

“Dreaming and making plans helps to live better”, Replay” PoohBand: “Dreams Come True”

CARLENTINI – Tonight I’m telling you about Replay PoohBand. We have all known them during their extraordinary performances, we have applauded their performances on stage, enjoyed their live music, but tonight… I will tell you about the “Replay” backstage.

The magic begins the moment you meet in the corridor, you exchange greetings and Christmas wishes, everyone gets ready in their dressing room.  At one point, a vocalization is heard, then another and another… I open the door of my dressing room and I hear the strings of a guitar producing the notes of a well-known Italian song… a voice begins, then another and then another…and we end up playing and singing with friends, in the backstage of the theatre, before the actual performance. Heartbeats are already put to the test by that shared musical moment, probably to prepare for the audience and what magical would happen later. They are all ready, in “Smoking”, as if to recall Frank Sinatra or Michael Bublé, so the magic begins to envelop you, as if to push you into a dreamlike dimension that soon becomes reality. Palpitations are felt stronger as we talk about the passion that drives Replay to play and sing so well and with so much devotion. We talk about dreams that are postponed but which, if you believe it, will reach you sooner or later…as if to recall the phrase “Dreams do come true”.  We talk about the patience that families have in pandering to their times and their rhythms. For this, applause goes to all the life and musical travel companions of each of the members of “Replay”. In carrying out any project, if you are not supported by the person next to you, succeeding is difficult and more complicated. 21:00 … anxiety is strong, we breathe, we look at each other to understand each other … “are we ready?”

“Yes…we are ready”. A crescendo of emotions invades each of them until they seek a deep liberating breath. There is a great desire to start, hands tremble, feet beat even without rhythm… indeed there is a rhythm, it is that of the heart.

Three, two, one… the Climax…” Curtain”… we enter… Applause!!!

Great the “Replay”!!!

Living all this, I assure you…has been one of the most pleasant and exciting moments of my journey for me.

I couldn’t help but tell you about it in first person, as if you were in front of me, in the “Living room of the Replay house”.

Thank you friends for encouraging me on this journey.

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